No Longer a Small Town Girl!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I've got a new city and a new job! I moved to Cincinnati on Thursday and started my first "real" job today! Now before I get any further...because I studied marketing & consumer behavior in college I know that consumers generally only go to the effort to review a product/service or contact the company when they are very satisfied or very dissatisfied. Everyone else in the middle is somewhat satisfied and too complacent to take action. So I'd like to take this time right now to make a PSA for anyone researching moving companies.

Graebel Movers/Graebel Relocation Services suck - don't use them!!! All of my stuff was in a warehouse for 8 days while no one would tell me when my belongings would be delivered...eventually I got my move "coordinator" to tell me the delivery would be sometime on Friday (after being told the delivery was Monday) and if anything changed I'd be notified 24 hours in advance. Thursday morning at 9am I got a call that the truck was 30 minutes from Cincinnati. I was 3 hours away in Indiana, still had to pack up assorted items, and hadn't said goodbye to my dad who was at work.

This was what my face looked like when I got off the phone...

Then I googled "Graebel movers suck" and found several results - my inspiration for this post. I'm hoping Graebel monitors social media buzz and this finds it's way to their radar. HI GUYS! You also broke my futon. Thanks. Anyway...everything worked out and turned out to be a blessing in disguise and an opportunity for sanctification. My mom and I went to Ohio for the day to let the movers in my house then drove back to Indiana so I could say goodbye to my friends/family and pack up my remaining belongings.

My house is adorable and in a great location. I have decorative stain glass windows and a chandelier...moving up in the world! I'm living in of the more coveted neighborhoods - it's very hip and young and only 10 minutes from my office downtown. I can walk to the church (it's beautiful and orthodox - major bonus!!), grocery store, park, and a bunch of local cafes, shops, and bars on the square. Friends - come visit so I have someone to explore with!

Like I said my office is downtown and only a 10 minute drive on the interstate. I'm used to country roads...not a fan of having to merge left through four different exits to get to work and city traffic, it makes me nervous! I was more nervous about getting to work during rush hour than actually working. Yesterday I drove to work TWICE just to make sure I knew my way and all the exits I needed to take. I would have made a good Boy Scout, because I am always over-prepared ;) This morning I was struck by how good God is to me. I got to work 20 minutes before I was supposed to start training, so I sat in the parking lot and prayed morning prayer. The first antiphon was, "Each morning, Lord, you fill us with your kindness." As I read that I began thinking how kind the Lord has been to me the past few months and how everything from finding an apartment, graduating on time, time with friends has just fallen into place perfectly with minimal stress and no doubt by His design. Not only does my office have a private parking lot (unheard of for downtown businesses...and will save me a ton of money in parking garage fees!), the Cincinnati Cathedral is next to my office. They have three daily Masses so I was able to walk over and go to Mass at 5:15pm when I got off work :)

8am & ready to roll!
Sweet view on my drive to work!
There are definitely challenges though...I moved here without knowing anyone and keep reminding myself it will take a few months before I make good friends, meet people in my parish, and have a social life on weeknights and weekends. It's a bit lonely for now...but soon being new to Cincinnati and being friendless will be a distant memory. For now I have Netflix and Skype to keep me occupied. This is really silly - but having to use a GPS to get anywhere and seeing all the Ohio license plates makes me super cognizant that I am new and an "outsider." Yesterday I went to Target and saw a car with Indiana plates - it's kind of embarrassing how excited and happy this made me, haha.

I recently found this quote online and I have it set as my iphone wallpaper to remind me that saying goodbye to college, friends, and life in Bloomington is not the end of the world.

 "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." -C.S. Lewis

Hail to Old IU!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

On graduating...

After a mixup in the advising office with my credits and two weeks of fretting that I would be sticking around for summer school, I graduated from IU on May 5th with a BS in Business with majors in Marketing and Operations Management! I spent my final semester enjoying life and friends and caring little about academics (sorry mom & dad)....I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and a job so that worked out pretty well for me ;) It definitely is surreal and bittersweet to have graduated college. I would be happy to stay for a victory lap if I could. Words cannot express how much I love my university and my campus...and how sad I am to be leaving behind an amazing group of friends (in the pictures below) at St. Paul! While going to a very secular & liberal university definitely was not conducive to religion or morality, going to IU definitely made me fight for my faith and claim it for myself in the pursuit of Truth.

I don't think I ever blogged about my decision after this post when I was agonizing over which job to accept. I accepted job #2 (aka dream job working in market research) after I had myself convinced at 3am the night before my decision was due that I should take job #3 as a missionary. My start date in Cincinnati is June 25th, which is quickly approaching! I've already leased an apartment and scheduled my to buy all the things to furnish an apartment & buy more dress clothes for work. I'm enjoying my daily routine of throwing on sweatpants, a tshirt, and flipflops while it lasts!! ;)

My mom has the 2-3am adoration shift tonight so I'm going with her to pay Jesus a visit here in a few minutes. More life updates to come for the sake of posterity, May has been a jam-packed month! I don't want to forget anything about graduating & seeing all my friends!
St. Paul friends - my holy rollers :)

Graduation Day
Best senior friends for 4 years :)