Best roommate ever

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More fun than textbooks!
You know your roommate is awesome (and an elementary education major) when she goes to the public library to get materials for class and ends up bringing you home a graphic novel about Blessed Pope John Paul II :D I'm kind of shocked this kind of book made it into a public library, especially in such a liberal and secular town as Bloomington.

In the words of Renae - "it wasn't even on the shelf, it was sitting right on top as if God was saying 'Renae!! Check this book out for Liz!!'" :D

Both of my roomies are wonderful - we have all sorts of great discussions about our faith, church teachings (especially about the HHS mandate lately), discernment, etc. It's wonderful to live with others who share my beliefs and passions.

In other happy news, a) I leave for Ghana, West Africa in less than a month!!! and b) my good friend Stephanie got engaged yesterday!! Go read her blog about discerning married life and her engagement. If only all young couples "got it" like Stephanie and her fiance do...



Estefanía said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, I feel so honored & special! I thank God so much for our friendship! You are such a beautiful sister in Christ & support system!!! LOVE!

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