Will the real Betty Crocker please stand up?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Q. How hard is it to make rice krispie treats?
A. Too damn hard for Liz.

I've been living off of eggs, tortilla chips, and corn-on-the cob for the past few days. Well now the eggs are gone, the chips are just crumbs, and granted this IS Indiana, but I can only handle so much corn. In distress about becoming an empty-nester at the end of the week, my mother seems to have forgotten she still has one child at home that needs fed. Today, however, I found a large box of Rice Krispies and a bag of stale marshmallows. I am terrible at making pretty much everything that isn't brownie mix or frozen cookies, but I figured I could handle melting butter and marshmallows. After all, I made rice krispie treats with Sr. Ashley a few weeks ago for her bake sale and it was a cinch! Granted...she threw everything in the pot and just told me to stir ;)

After a whole stick of butter and 15 or so minutes of frantically stirring marshmallows to no avail, cursing my lack of homemaking skills, and sending telepathic messages for help to Ashley in the convent, I admitted defeat and consoled myself with a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I have no idea what I did wrong, but I just got owned by a bag of stale marshmallows :( Sad day in the life of Liz Dubya.

Ashley, come back from the convent and teach me your ways!!

Why won't you melt?!

Om nom nom! 
Burnt, stale marshmallows. Yum!
The aftermath...sorry Mom
What a waste of marshmallowy buttery goodness :(


Sister Ashley

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fr. H was kind enough to send me this picture from Nashville, taken shortly after Ashley entered the convent this afternoon and changed into her stylin' polyester postulant outfit. I hear she started complaining immediately about how hot polyester is. Offer it up, Sister ;) I remember a few weeks ago when she was just dying to get to Nashville put that outfit on... haha!

I texted back and forth with her throughout the day to see how things were going and how her family was faring...dreading the text message that would be the last. I know for the next few weeks I'll still pick up my phone to call her, send an email before I remember, or wonder why her name isn't coming up on Facebook.... However, my selfish & very human sadness is tempered by the knowledge that she is full of joy and love for God and the Church as she seeks to do God's will for her.

"Though I cannot see your face I will see you in the Eucharist...though I cannot hear your voice we'll be speaking in the Eucharist." - Danielle Rose

8/15 - Ashley and a fellow sister


Another One Bites the Dust...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well today's the day. Ashley left Kokomo for the convent after 9am Mass. I'm still processing all the emotions that go along with having another close friend leave (and within 11 months of each other no less) and seeking joy in the sadness of saying goodbye. For now though...a post in support of religious vocations and my beautiful friends of whom I am so proud :) The picture below became some sort of prophecy because now 3/4 are in the convent. Two are now Nashville Dominicans and one is a Mishawaka Franciscan.

May 2010 - Kate/Sr. Imelda Grace's home visit
July 2011 - Sr. Imelda Grace's first profession
& reception of the black veil
August 2011 - Sr. Mary Grace & now Sr. Ashley
after SMG received the habit and her new name

Ashley enters the convent tomorrow on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary around 3:30pm (hour of mercy - woot!). I should have a picture of her by tomorrow in her postulant outfit to upload. My friend Katherine, who traveled from Chicago to be with me in Rome for Easter is also entering the same convent as Ashley :) And yes, I know it's crazy that I have four good friends enter the convent in a span of two years...that fact isn't lost on me. What's a girl to do? Please pray for Sisters Ashley, Katherine, Imelda Grace, and Mary Grace for their perseverance, growth in holiness, and their vocation! 
Katherine and I at St. Peter's on Easter Sunday



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am literally overflowing with joy right now - tears of joy!!! My best friend Alexa received the Franciscan habit and her religious name this morning. Her new name is Sister Mary Grace!! Isn't she not absolutely beautiful and radiant?! A bride of Christ!!

Ashley, our third Musketeer, was able to be in Mishawaka at the convent later in the day and sent me the photo (I had a hard time not shrieking in excitement when I opened the text message at work). Ashley is entering a convent in Tennessee in 5 days so it was a huge blessing for her to be able to see Alexa/Sister Mary Grace before she leaves.

Alexa asked her parents to have me come over when she calls home tonight to tell them her new name, so I am headed over there now!!!! So so happy :) :)

Sister Mary Grace :)

Sailing the "Hungarian Sea"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I forgot I had these pictures in iPhoto and hadn't uploaded them! During of my last weekends in Magyarorszag (Hungary) in May I went on a day trip to Lake Balaton, nicknamed the Hungarian Sea because it is so big.  Speedboats and wave runners aren't allowed on the lake so it's incredibly quiet and peaceful. The water is so clear and still you can see the reflection of the clouds! We visted Tihany, the ritziest resort town on Balaton and the city with the highest per capita income and real estate prices in all of Hungary.  Everything was so nice and resort-ish that it was hard to believe I was still in Hungary!!

Balaton is a popular (if not the most popular) vacation destination in Hungary. When it gets too hot and the tourists take over Budapest, Hungarians migrate to the Balaton. Lake Balaton holds many fond memories for Hungarian families. Under Communism, employees were able to take a week or two of vacation at state-owned vacation camps on the lake. Besides providing housing, the government would even give you money to subsidize the rest of your vacation. The lake was also a popular destination for Germans as a meeting point because both Eastern and Western Germans were allowed to travel there.

We hired a sailboat and a skipper and sailed across the lake to Tihany. It ended up taking us three hours because there was no crosswind at all - haha. We didn't have much time in Tihany once we got there but we had enough time to eat langos that was bigger than my head, see the Benedictine Abbey & Church (founded in 1055 AD) where the first record of written Hungarian was found, and browse the markets.  If you ever find yourself in Magyarorszag you should definitely rent a car (a Trabant perhaps?!) or take the train from Budapest to Lake Balaton. Viszlat!

Am I really in Hungary right now?

Benedictine Church & Abbey
LANGOS - wish I could get this in Indiana
Literally a HIGH altar - gorgeous!!
Cor Jesu, miserere nobis!
Spongebob has gone Magyar!!
"We send greetings from Lake Balaton"
Magyar paprika & wine
Benedictine Church
Small town Hungary <3
Tihany & Lake Balaton (sailboats dotting the water)
My friend Christine from California