Monday, December 12, 2011

Hoosier Hysteria
Saturday night was the most memorable night of my entire college career. Why? IU BASKETBALL IS BACK (and with a vengeance!)!!!! Bloomington has been in a frenzy since Saturday night! IU played University of Kentucky, the #1 team in the nation. Both teams were undefeated prior to the game. IU was leading by up to ten points almost all of the game. However, with 5 seconds left UK was up by one point. As the clock counted down to 0, Christian Watford hit a 3-pointer and the Hoosiers won by ONE point. The atmosphere at the game was UNREAL. I was sitting in the balcony and it was literally shaking as 17,000 people went bizerk and stormed the court until it was a sea of crimson. I was screaming so much and jumping up and down that I bit my tongue and broke a nail ;) The $220 I paid for student basketball tickets this year was worth that and more.

"The Watford Curve: The point curve all IU professor are obligated to give students on final exams, due to Christian Watford's ability to hit game winning threes. Due to his God-like abilities, students have given up on studying, to repeatedly watch the replay of that shot."

Afterwards we booked it downtown where all the bars are. People were celebrating in the streets, jumping and dancing on top of cars, and nearly flipped one car over. The bar I was in was so crowded the police came in through the ceiling (for crowd control?) as students sporadically broke into the fight song or cheers of "%@#$ Kentucky" and "Hoo hoo hoo Hoosiers!!!" This town went so crazy I can't even imagine was it was like in 1987 when IU last won an NCAA championship. These videos doesn't even do the madness justice! People started camping outside of Assembly Hall on Tuesday, five days before the game, to be the first inside.

Kelvin Sampson destroyed the IU basketball program and coach Tom Crean (he's Catholic!!) has been rebuilding the program the past three years. This win is a huge deal for Hoosier fans - and the beginning of a new era of Indiana basketball!! The last time we beat a #1 ranked team was in 2002 (also the last time we made it to the NCAA finals - I still remember watching this game at my grandparent's house when I was 12!).

One of my friends saw Tom Crean at Mass Sunday morning and thanked him. Coach Crean responded, "It was fun, wasn't it?" :) Five banners on the wall, sixth banner knocking at the door!

GO HOOSIERS!!!!! We bleed cream & crimson, baby!!


Estefanía said...

Hahaha, well...after the 1987 championship that's when one of the fish in Showalter Fountain disappeared never to return again (if that is any indication). I can only imagine how EPIC another banner would be after such a loooong history and long-awaited return! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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