You know you are in Texas when...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Earlier this month I was in Dallas, Texas for a few days of job interviews (tis the season for traveling on the corporate dime and missing tons of class!). I've never been to the southwestern part of the I had no idea what Texas was like other than the typical stereotypes like everything is bigger, everyone wears cowboy hats and boots, tumbleweeds, oil barons, etc).

While I was waiting for the car service to pick me up I noticed a man standing across the road who looked like a cross between Santa Claus and John Wayne. I remember thinking, "Is this guy for real?" Then my phone rang and the driver started explaining where he was standing and what we was wearing, "I've gotta black hat and a white beard..."

Yep, Texan Santa picked me up at the airport and took the George W. Bush Turnpike to my hotel. All stereotypes confirmed. Sorry Texas, y'all lose ;)

I don't think we're in Indiana anymore...


theworldandtheword said...

Ok ok... Texas isn't ALWAYS like this. Besides, you forgot to mention the shotguns mounted to the back window of his truck.

Liz said...

all in good fun ;) this guy was definitely the minority of the texans in dallas!

i'm now disappointed i didn't see any shotguns mounted on the back of a truck!

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