So long, summer!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I've been clinging to the remnants of summer and my 8 month vacation from reality. Two weeks of the semester down and I'm already behind on all my work. I've forgotten what's it like to take real classes after a semester abroad. In Budapest I just had to show up to class...actually attendance wasn't really even mandatory for most classes. My Hungarian professor told us to come to class whenever we were in the country and not traveling elsewhere. Now I have to show up on time, listen, take notes, do group projects, and submit homework assignments. What is this nonsense?! Seventeen credit hours on top of recruitment for full-time jobs and running a large student organization leaves my head spinning. I've never felt so out of control of my life.

So instead of clearing out my emails, updating my calendar, or reading five chapters on supply chain sourcing (snore)...let's talk about the fun things I did this summer post-Europe!

Vacation with Ashley in South Carolina
Spent an equal amount of time on the beach and at happy hour
Hoosier Catholics reppin' with Bishop Doherty at the Frassati Conference
Went canoeing with Fr. Ted & the gang on the feast of SJV
Canoe & pickle wars - priests vs. everyone else!
5 hours and several boat tippings later we made it back to land!
Ashley's last mass and blessing at St. Joan
Tearful goodbye before Ash left for the convent :( 
Drowned my sorrows in baked goods ;) Chocolate chip cookie
 dough cupcakes!
Spent an inordinate number of hours at my internship becoming
an Excel whiz. Need me to code any VBA macros for you?
Best co-workers ever! Last casual friday with my project management team
after they took me to lunch and gave me gifts :)
Lizzy B. came back from Florida briefly. Square rooted no more!
Btown invaded South Bend for John & Laura's wedding.
Moved off campus at IU into a house!! I'm a real adult now!
Learned how to kill a flea, set mouse traps, and unjam doors.
Can I move back to the dorms now?
Deacon DP stopped by to bless my house &
my car,  what a good friend :)
Hosted my first dinner party with my roomie friends!!


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