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Monday, August 22, 2011

Q. How hard is it to make rice krispie treats?
A. Too damn hard for Liz.

I've been living off of eggs, tortilla chips, and corn-on-the cob for the past few days. Well now the eggs are gone, the chips are just crumbs, and granted this IS Indiana, but I can only handle so much corn. In distress about becoming an empty-nester at the end of the week, my mother seems to have forgotten she still has one child at home that needs fed. Today, however, I found a large box of Rice Krispies and a bag of stale marshmallows. I am terrible at making pretty much everything that isn't brownie mix or frozen cookies, but I figured I could handle melting butter and marshmallows. After all, I made rice krispie treats with Sr. Ashley a few weeks ago for her bake sale and it was a cinch! Granted...she threw everything in the pot and just told me to stir ;)

After a whole stick of butter and 15 or so minutes of frantically stirring marshmallows to no avail, cursing my lack of homemaking skills, and sending telepathic messages for help to Ashley in the convent, I admitted defeat and consoled myself with a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I have no idea what I did wrong, but I just got owned by a bag of stale marshmallows :( Sad day in the life of Liz Dubya.

Ashley, come back from the convent and teach me your ways!!

Why won't you melt?!

Om nom nom! 
Burnt, stale marshmallows. Yum!
The aftermath...sorry Mom
What a waste of marshmallowy buttery goodness :(



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