Sister Ashley

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fr. H was kind enough to send me this picture from Nashville, taken shortly after Ashley entered the convent this afternoon and changed into her stylin' polyester postulant outfit. I hear she started complaining immediately about how hot polyester is. Offer it up, Sister ;) I remember a few weeks ago when she was just dying to get to Nashville put that outfit on... haha!

I texted back and forth with her throughout the day to see how things were going and how her family was faring...dreading the text message that would be the last. I know for the next few weeks I'll still pick up my phone to call her, send an email before I remember, or wonder why her name isn't coming up on Facebook.... However, my selfish & very human sadness is tempered by the knowledge that she is full of joy and love for God and the Church as she seeks to do God's will for her.

"Though I cannot see your face I will see you in the Eucharist...though I cannot hear your voice we'll be speaking in the Eucharist." - Danielle Rose

8/15 - Ashley and a fellow sister



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