Sailing the "Hungarian Sea"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I forgot I had these pictures in iPhoto and hadn't uploaded them! During of my last weekends in Magyarorszag (Hungary) in May I went on a day trip to Lake Balaton, nicknamed the Hungarian Sea because it is so big.  Speedboats and wave runners aren't allowed on the lake so it's incredibly quiet and peaceful. The water is so clear and still you can see the reflection of the clouds! We visted Tihany, the ritziest resort town on Balaton and the city with the highest per capita income and real estate prices in all of Hungary.  Everything was so nice and resort-ish that it was hard to believe I was still in Hungary!!

Balaton is a popular (if not the most popular) vacation destination in Hungary. When it gets too hot and the tourists take over Budapest, Hungarians migrate to the Balaton. Lake Balaton holds many fond memories for Hungarian families. Under Communism, employees were able to take a week or two of vacation at state-owned vacation camps on the lake. Besides providing housing, the government would even give you money to subsidize the rest of your vacation. The lake was also a popular destination for Germans as a meeting point because both Eastern and Western Germans were allowed to travel there.

We hired a sailboat and a skipper and sailed across the lake to Tihany. It ended up taking us three hours because there was no crosswind at all - haha. We didn't have much time in Tihany once we got there but we had enough time to eat langos that was bigger than my head, see the Benedictine Abbey & Church (founded in 1055 AD) where the first record of written Hungarian was found, and browse the markets.  If you ever find yourself in Magyarorszag you should definitely rent a car (a Trabant perhaps?!) or take the train from Budapest to Lake Balaton. Viszlat!

Am I really in Hungary right now?

Benedictine Church & Abbey
LANGOS - wish I could get this in Indiana
Literally a HIGH altar - gorgeous!!
Cor Jesu, miserere nobis!
Spongebob has gone Magyar!!
"We send greetings from Lake Balaton"
Magyar paprika & wine
Benedictine Church
Small town Hungary <3
Tihany & Lake Balaton (sailboats dotting the water)
My friend Christine from California


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Liz these pics are so gorgeous! I need to find more time to read back through your blog haha.

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