Europe: Conquered

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 credit cards, 4 months, 11 countries, 19-ish cities, 6500 pictures, & a lifetime of memories.

Countries I visited: Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Austria (twice), Denmark, Sweden, Italy (twice), Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Poland.

Places I've been
    Now that I am home and settled into my normal routine, it's hard to believe that my semester abroad actually happened and that jet-setting around Europe was MY life for four entire months, especially when I look at that map! Surely these things only happen to exciting people, not girls from Cornfield, Indiana, right? I've always had a curiosity to learn about world cultures, and an even greater desire to experience them. I've now traveled to more countries at the age of 20/21 than the majority of people will travel in their entire life. I am thankful I decided to study in Eastern Europe (my childhood dreams of living abroad never quite took place in post-communist countries haha) and in a country where I could immerse myself in a unique culture. Hungary, you have my heart! I doubt I would have ever traveled to Eastern Europe otherwise. 

    I owe my parents a multitude of thanks for allowing me this opportunity (after some persuasion on my part), for being supportive, and for coming to visit me. I didn't realize how hard it was for my parents to let me go. A few weeks ago I was shopping with my mom and she mentioned how much she missed me and how happy she was that I was back. I asked her how long she cried for after I left. She got teary-eyed and told me she cried off and on the entire four months. Poor mama :(

    My intention here is not at all to brag, but rather to reflect on the incredible opportunities and blessings I have been given. Thanks be to God - Deo Gratias!! 


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