You know you are Hungarian when...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

These are all so true!!! Love it. Szeretem a magyarok!

  • nobody can properly pronounce your last name.
  • nobody can properly pronounce your first name
  • nobody believes that you don't understand Finnish. (the closest related language to Hungarian)
  • you love Turó Rudi but can't really explain to foreigners what the hell it is 
  • you start counting on your hand with one being the thumb.
  • zou cant tzpe on and english kezboard because y and z are mixed up. (drove me nuts!)
  • you know the difference between s and sz and also u and ü.
  • you know what a pogácsa/dobos torta/kürtős kalács/főzelék/túrógombóc is, and love most of them.
  • you have a nameday and no one foreign understands what that is good for.
  • you greet everyone with a kiss on both cheeks!
  • you know that all geniuses and celebrities have some relation with Hungarians or they are Magyar
  • you put ketchup on your pizza (I was skeptical at first, but delicious!)
  • you know what is the difference between "puszi" and "csók"!
  • you know what a Hungarian orange is. It's slightly yellower, it's slightly sharper, but our own.
  • you know the Rubik's cube was invented in Hungary
  • you've experienced the worst customer service ever known to mankind. 
  • you've ridden the BKV for free, either not gotten caught, or been able to talk your way out of a fine (check - my transit pass was expired for a month and no one noticed!)
  • you have at least one acquaintance of each surname: Kiss, Nagy, Varga, Kovács, Toth (check!)
  • every 2nd person you know is either a Gábor, Feri, Csaba, György, István, Éva, Bea, Eszter, etc.
  • you know that cs, dz, dzs, gy, ly, ny, etc. are all ONE LETTER
  • you say 'Szia' or 'Hello' instead of 'Viszlát' to your friends when you say good-bye to them
  • you can (actually) pronounce gy, as in HOGY VAGY - and not say hogi-vagi.
  • you think it's weird that Americans don't have gates around their homes. (or you are American and think it's weird Hungarians have gates around their homes!) 
  • you fill your fridge completely after a simple day of shopping. (darn tiny fridges!)
  • you have the largest collection of plastic bags in the world, but will still take loads from Tesco because they are free.
  • EVERYTHING has paprika in it.....EVERYTHING
  • you know what Unicum is and prefer it over Jagermeister

Does this make me part-Hungarian at heart for knowing and agreeing with all of these? I hope so :)


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