Dubya's Take Budapest

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My mom has been bugging me to put pictures up here of their visit to Budapest so all her work friends can see. So here are the pictures and a shoutout to "the clique" :) 

Upon arrival
Who sleeps like this? 
The Dubya's
On Gellert Hill, overlooking my neighborhood

Fisherman's Bastion 
Dome of Parliament
"Don't touch!"
Love love love love
Mathias Church 
King St. Stephen, converting pagans since 1000 AD

Castle District, Buda

Buda Castle

Loving on the Danube
Kurtos kulacs - yum
Famous cafe since the 1800s

Secret underground hospital / nuclear bunker
Preserved in it's original form
Watch out Dad, you have competition!


Annony11 said...

I think you mean famous cafe since the 1600's. (or earlier)

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