Spas and stars

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On Tuesday I went to the Szechenyi thermal bath in Budapest after walking around in the freezing cold for two hours. The Szechenyi spa is the largest medicinal bath in Europe and it was amazing. It's supplied by two thermal springs that are 165-171 degrees. Doctors in Hungary actually prescribe the spa for patients; the spa culture is a big deal in Hungary. There were pools of varying sizes and temperatures inside, I saw at least 15 baths. Outside there are two large baths. It was so cold that our towels froze on the benches while we were in the outdoor baths :)  There's definitely a different type of modesty in Hungarian. Regardless of age or physique, the men all wore speedos and the women wore bikinis.

Nice and toasty!
The entire Szechenyi spa complex
Thursday night I went out to the discotheque with three other Americans. It was my first time at a club since I'm not 21 yet. The club was packed with Hungarians because a Hungarian pop star was performing. He won the equivalent of American Idol. His music was quite lame, but once the DJ took over the music was jamming (they listen to popular American music) and I was danced like a crazy white girl, per usual, until 3am :) I took a cab home and my friends went on to another club.

Friday I went on another guided tour - this time across the river to Buda. Buda is hillier and more quaint, with cobblestone roads, while Pest (where I live) is definitely more urban. We saw Buda Castle, where the Royal Family used to live and Matthias Church. Fun facts: Katy Perry's Firework music video was filmed on top of Buda Castle & Angelia Jolie owns a house somewhere in the Buda hills. My roommates and I are determined to find her house and catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt ;)

The Chain Bridge and Pest from Buda Castle
Buda & Parliament in the background
Matthias Church
I start classes on Tuesday. It's finally beginning to warm up and the sun is coming out, all the better to explore the city more, especially now that I'm confident enough to ride the metro around by myself! Cheers!


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